Ready to party?

Tired of having limited choices for children's events? 

At 906 Events, we have the solution for you! 

Adults: Check out our Store to Your Door events and open houses. Some of the best small businesses with some unique choices for shopping while you can get free and discounted products, just for shopping!

Kids: Check out our Traveling Workshops, like hand stuffing your own teddy bear or creating your own personalized books and we'll bring the party to you! 

Many are now considering creating their special memories conveniently at home, school, park, child care center or even work.

Or  schedule our Event Center and let us handle the details while you sit back and enjoy being a VIP guest at your own event! g

Looking for the perfect gift?

We have hundreds of products ready to be personalized with your signature touch.

Each gift is one of a kind, making it a keepsake that will be cherished forever.

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